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How to Mine Crypto and Free Yourself from the 9-5

Central to the security of cryptocurrencies are complex mathematical problems that need to be solved in order to verify blockchain transactions. When a crypto miner solves these problems — or rather, when their computer does — the next block in the chain is verified and the successful miner gets a crypto reward. With Bitcoin currently paying 6.25 BTC per verification (roughly $200,000 USD), these rewards can be sizable indeed.

Admittedly, Bitcoin is the big one —but there are plenty of cryptos out there and they all need mining. At AndoVolution, we provide miners, both veterans and newcomers, with the reliable, high-quality tech they need to start earning themselves a passive income.

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Custom Rigs Built To Your Needs

Based on your budget, power costs, available space and earning goals, we’ll give you tailored advice and build custom rigs that suit your needs. We’re here to create a system that works for you and generates ROI.

Hive OS Account Set Up

We’ll assist in the creation of your Hive OS account. This is the platform you’ll use for mining crypto. This all-in-one monitoring and management tool is the most user-friendly and intuitive system for crypto miners with one rig to those with thousands.

Ongoing Care & Support

Once your rig is installed, you’ll have access to rapid customer support via our Discord server, mobile and email. We are experienced crypto miners, and we know how important it is to have advice, guidance, and support early on in your crypto mining journey.

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High Quality

With our own custom-made tech specifically designed with miners in mind, you’re guaranteed a high-quality GPU mining rig that will last.


With competitively priced tech and discounts on bulk orders, your AndoVolution rig doesn’t need to cost a fortune.

Full Support

We offer full assistance with setup, over-the-phone help, or on-site support if required.

Why Use AndoVolution?

At AndoVolution, we're crypto miners ourselves, so we know what we're talking about. with years of experience, not only do we only stock the most reliable, effective tech available on the market but we've launched into designing our own brand as well.

With our GPU risers specifically designed with our customers in mind, Andovolution is a brand designed by crypto miners for crypto miners.

Australian Crypto Miners

We’re a team of Australian crypto miners based in North Lakes, Brisbane. Having amassed great experience and found ourselves generating incredible ROI, we wanted to make it easier for people to enter the crypto mining space. With plug-and-play rigs, in-depth setup and continuous support, we make it possible for even the most inexperienced individuals to benefit from crypto mining and the passive income it brings.

About Us

So how do you mine Crypto?

When cryptos first launched, CPUs were the main tech used to mine currencies. However, things have moved on since then, and unless you’re operating application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), your best bet is to use GPUs.

Since miners have no clue what the solution to the verification problem is, the more calculations can be attempted simultaneously, the better the chances of cracking the solution. With GPUs specifically designed to calculate the huge quantities of calculations needed to render real-time graphics, they’re perfectly suited to the job and have become the mining ‘industry standard’. With crypto blockchains adding new blocks every few seconds, there are a lot of opportunities out there if you have the right GPU setup.

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Let’s Build Your Rig

Unsure where to start and need some expert advice? Get in touch today. We’ll assess your needs and give recommendations on the perfect rig for you.

Plug & Play Crypto Rigs

Create a rig to your specification, and we’ll build it so you can start mining immediately. Unless otherwise stated, all our systems are plug and play – simply connect power and ethernet, turn it on and begin mining.

GST Tax Invoices

Upon request, we provide GST invoices for products, services and setup fees, helping you with your taxes.


<h1>The Crypto Mining Basics Explained</h1>

The Crypto Mining Basics Explained

Unless you live under a rock, you’ll be familiar with the term cryptocurrency. Often, people think the only way to make money is by investing...


Questions You May Ask

1 - Is Crypto Mining profitable in Australia?

1 - Cryptocurrency is internationally recognised as an excellent investment opportunity. Crypto mining is amazing in the way you can set it up, and let it earn you crypto passively straight away.

2 - its 2022 and the crypto crash happened, how is it worth it?

2 - Crypto mining isn't a lotto win situation, joining the crypto mining world right now gives yourself the best advantage of obtaining maximum benefits. It's an investment now for a better future.

3 - I barely know how to use my computer, let alone build one

3 - Here at AndoVolution Australia, we can guide you through the whole process, from quoting you a build, estimated profits, to building the whole rig, setting it up, and providing you information and assistance at the beginning and throughout so you don't become just reliant on us, but can maintain the rigs yourself and achieve complete independence.

Acknowledgement of Country
AndoVolution Australia acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
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